People of Middle Earth

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Other Names: Elfstone, Strider, Longshanks, Wingfoot, Elessar, Thorongil, Estel, Telcontar, The Dunedan, the Renewer, Isildur's Heir
Date of birth: March 1st, TA 2931
Date of death: March 1st, FO 120
Parints:Arathorn and Gilraen
Spouse: Arwen Evenstar
Date of Marriage: TA 3019
Children: Eldarion, and several daughters
Brief Boigraphy: I'll fill this in latter.

Names: Heir to the house of Steward
Date of birth: TA 2978
Date of Death: TA 3019
Parents: Denethor II and Finduilas
brief Biography:

Other names: The Steward under the rule of King Elessar
Date of birth: TA 2983
Date of Death: FO 82
Parents: DenethorII and Finduilas
Spouse: Eowyn, sister of King Eomer of Rohan
Date of Marriage: TA 3019
Children: Elboron
Brief biography: