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These are the quizes I've made.

Sorry you can't see the picture. :(
Wow! You love him as much as I do... Get back! He

I can't remember were I got this, oh well.
Wow, your allmost as Obsesed as I am! (but not
quite!) you get one of my best Aragorn pics,

Aragorn Obsestion level 2: how much do you know?
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I got this pic from http://www.arwen-undomiel.com/humor.html
You are quite go at lame quizes, good for you! You
seem to know alot about Lord of the Rings, or
you're really good at looking things up. here's
a funny pic for you!

Exactly how much do you know adout the books? LOTR quiz
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These are non-LOTR quizes I've taken.


What Final Fantasy VI Character Are You?
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Which Legend of Dragoon Character Are You?
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This is a quiz my friend made.

Nate. You like perverts and sappy romance poems.
You don't mind if he spells everything and a
half wrong--it's just the way he is! It's not
his fault he's dyslexic! Just like it's not his
fault he's over six feet tall!

Which guy in my group would you fall for?
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(very acuret, Nate's my BF)