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"Forth the Three Hunters!"   These are some of my favorite sites to go to. The first setion is non-LOTR realated sites that I like enough to put on my LOTR site. The second setion is LOTR sites, with alot of good refrince stuff.
My all time fave!

Non-LOTR Site:

8-Bit theater This is the only webcomic I read, but it's great!
Here you can make and/or take any quiz amagiable.

Shelly Web This is the site my aunt made, check it out, if you're brave enough!
My Livejournal

Catgirls! This and the next link is Cat Girl art. (Firry Art, if you'd like)
More CatGirls!

ff6 music I love is game!
Magic Cards

Urban Dictionaly This has a (and often more) definitions for any word (or otherwise) you can think of.
Caves of Narshe
A Forum for Final Fantacy IV.

Lord of the Rings sites

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