Good pics for the Movie

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The very amotional Aragorn, speaking to the dieing Boromir. If you want to see more of this gorgess guy, click on the pick!   The stunning look of Arwen in the films is just breath taking!
OK, all you Legolas fans, here's a good one may not have seen before.  
If you like this, click on the picture to see more.
  Faramir: In action!... Yeah.
"Why is it we suffer such fear and dout, over so small a thing. Such a little thing."  
OK, some of these were very easy to find, but some weren't, Kay?
What is it about gorgus elven queens that make Gimli so crazy? ...wait..

I'm sorry! I knew I was fforgetting someone important! (not to metion cool! Go Gimli!) My brain is just not working!
I'm sorry, but it was funny, you can't blame me for a little humor. Haldir is cool though. *cough*

I thank 'Laielinwen', queen Arwen at LOTRPlaza for this pic. It's great, isn't it.

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